Феликс Зилич (felix_zilich) wrote,
Феликс Зилич


Oh My God! Чайна Мьевиль, оказывается, уже несколько месяцев пишет комиксы для DC. Линейка старая, но персонажи все новые, стопроцентно мьевилевские. Просто прочитайте про некоторых:

Boy Chimney - A skeletal gentleman with superhuman reflexes and flexibility, poison gas, smoke manipulation, brick-hard skin, smoke-based clairvoyance, and the ability to travel on chimney smoke.

Captain Lachrymose - A "hipster" who draws amazing physical strength from people's most traumatic memories, forcing them to experience an emotional breakdown.

Control-Alt-Delete - A computer-themed superhero who is able to "reboot" recent events.

The Iron Snail - A military commando equipped with massive shell-like power armor with treads, firearms which launch noxious substances, and a ferrocochlean sense.

Shamanticore - A superhero that resembles a humanoid manticore shaman. Powers never shown.

Pelican Army - Powers never shown, but he was accompanied by a huge flock of pelicans.

Baroness Resin - Nelson Junt's first female superhero for

Tags: dc comics, комиксы, чайна мьевиль
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